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As a Christian Scientist you have found yourself accepting the “clear, correct teaching” schoolroom book, hereafter referred to as the C.C.T. or One Volume.  In either case, you have found yourself fully accepting the book as Mrs. Eddy’s “successor as revelator” which in  no way supplants our textbook, Science and Health, already complete and final as the very Revelation itself.  The proof of this with me is that you show your understanding by all your deducing statements, backing them up right from Science and Health.


What did Mrs. Eddy demonstrate as her experience during the three prior years, from 1888 to the time of her Easter, 1891, publishing?  Just this.  That centralized organization was not, and is not, necessary to the advancement of Christian Science, is not necessary to the condition of thought seeing spiritually – the only condition of thought that brings results as we can see now as the result of the deplorable state which Mrs. Eddy prophesied for the ecclesiastical organization, “that God’s hand was seen in disorganizing,” in 1888.  During this three years hiatus she disbanded all centralized organization, removing nine specific aspects of control over all Christian Scientists.  But at the end of that three year period she made a concession, under God’s direction, to the thought of Christian Scientists of that period, permitting reorganization until thought could rise sufficiently to grasp the full Science of what she Founded.  So she made this concession to reorganization while she was still in position to control and oversee it, knowing that only the one making a concession can end that concession.   Her concession ended on December 3, 1910, her estoppel clauses preventing further control of mortals by other mortals!  She couldn’t continue to do for others what she knew they were now scientifically capable of doing for themselves.  She knew that “the entire mortal, material error” must finally disappear, and that Science and Health would be instrumental in this endeavor, as well as the work of her designated “successor as Revelator.”  She didn’t want Christian Science to become a “good feel” religion with the mortal continuing on in ignorant bliss!

The Founding Facts of Christian Science will show that from the very beginning to the end of her earthly experience she demonstrated over every claim given to her by God to meet, every step of the way, and showed us how we can do the same.  Truly, what she declared in Unity of Good applies to every one of us, that “God…guides every event of our careers” (3:27), when we are one with Him.   Since her works were one with the Word of God as the one man of God, the demonstrator of God as Christian Science, she couldn’t possibly let her concession, made under God’s direction, be fulfilled by two-legged mortals called the Board of Directors.  Her work would have been left undone; in belief, left to the mind of mortals.  In other words, left to the dragon of Revelation – the human mind itself!

While she made other references on the divine negative, or God’s negative, in her earlier writings, her references were now specifically spelled out in detail for the first time the 50th Edition of Science and Health, sent to the printer in July of 1890, and first published during Easter of 1891.   Her works were one with the divine Word of God in these references.  They were now demonstrated as scientific FACT!  Her every reference was given under God’s direction, and were now the demonstrated scientific FACT of Christian Science!   It had nothing to do with a human interpretation by the mind of mortals.

As you’ve said, you have now followed through with the Class Drill, and specifically the chapter on The Negation, bottom numbered pages 173 through 191, which is a most specific thrashing out of God’s use of the negation, the negative statement of God, as it relates to Science and Health, pages 574 -578, bringing the statement of the divine Principle to its highest demonstrated level now required for mastery.  How important it is to understand these references!  You’ll note that in her explanation of “the seven angels which had the seven vials full of the seven last plagues,” (Rev. xxi:9) it is God doing the directing, according to His purpose and plan with Christian Scientists, that the awakening with every mortal, and everything material, will be the result of His divine negative.  And note, as you read this, that this message given is from divine Love!  That:

"the seven angelic vials full of seven plagues, has full compensation in the law of Love.  Note this, - that the very message, or swift-winged thought, which poured forth hatred and torment, brought also the experience which at last lifted the seer to behold the great city, the four equal sides of which were heaven-bestowed and heaven-bestowing.  Think of this dear reader, for it will lift the sack-cloth from your eyes, and you will behold the soft-winged dove descending upon you.  The very circumstance, which your suffering sense deems wrathful and afflictive, Love can make an angel entertained unawares.  Then thought gently whispers: “Come hither!  Arise from your false consciousness into the true sense of Love, and behold the Lamb’s wife, - Love wedded to its own spiritual idea.”  Then cometh the marriage feast, for this revelation will destroy forever the physical plagues imposed by material sense." (S&H. 574:10-6, n.p.)

Three years prior to publishing this 50th Ed., when she had stopped all centralized control, 114 (or is it 116 ?) new Christian Science churches were established.  This 3 year period started in October of 1888 and culminated in the fullest and highest rising statement ever on the divine Principle of Christian Science as given above.  It started with Mrs. Eddy publishing Unity of Good in February of 1887 wherein she gave her top C.C.T. statement, “The use of the lie in Christian Science is…we learn more of God from opposite facts or phenomena.” (36:6)  Just consider that quote for the moment.  Ask, Who is it that is presenting that lie for it to appear as a lie to the mortal?  Is there any other cause but God?  Then that lie, in order to be a lie, must be a lie about something already preexisting as true and correct or it couldn’t be a lie!  Then on pages 53:1 and 56:9-17 you will find two more statements hinging right on this one.   These negations are never some terrible experience happening to the individual, but are actually the very presence of God when understood and reversed, but interpreted negatively by the mortal unwilling to rise spiritually!

In our schoolroom C.C.T. study, thrashing out every idea to the point of understanding, we must first, and above all in this work, have mastery or understanding, for every idea is a fundamental foundation stone which we lay at the base of our structure of Church and begin to build.  The chapters in this needed mastery are from two through seven with chapters two through five being the direct Positive.  Chapters six and seven may seem the most difficult because they are on the full uncovering of evil showing how the divine Mind uses the negative in its total absolute Allness, showing the utter annihilation and destruction of evil, showing the so-called mortal that the supposititious malicious mind is but hypnotism, an illusion, a delusion.


After one has mastered the fundamental basic chapter drill, one next needs to master some of the most important C.C.T. rules which are almost limitless in their Mind unfoldment, with several standing out more than others.  But why are they necessary?

All rules are meant to be mental sentinels standing watch, to alert the individual, bringing one instantly back to basic fundamentals, ending any momentary misguided wandering from the straight and narrow path of Truth in whatever Mind-field of endeavor, one truly really knows in conviction.  Thus does the “true follower of Christian Science,” as Mrs. Eddy says, “abide by the definite rules which demonstrate the true following of their Leader.” (My. 357:29)  Keep in thought it is the mortal element with man that doesn’t like rules, that doesn’t like to be told what he can and can’t do.  The Manual wasn’t established as “laws of limitation for the Christian Scientist,” but to keep mortal mind in check until thought has risen sufficiently to see spiritually!  That’s why the estoppel clauses in the Manual must be obeyed!

The first rule to establish in one’s unfolding C.C.T. understanding of Science and Health is, Never start with effect, Always start with Cause, Mind, since the one thing one knows never comes to him as consciousness from “over there,” but is right here consciously as one’s own being, one’s own awareness, - Consciousness IS or I could not consciously be!  This is not just the first key rule, it is the first, the only great starting point for all deduction so that one can shed mere faith, belief, in, and as Christian Science, for the  Founded spiritual understanding that Christian Science alone is.  That “man has no Mind but God” (319:20), is clearly and correctly the dictum of God.  Man must then be consciously aware of all that divine Mind is presenting as consciousness.  The paramount rule to adhere to in Christian Science is, then, the key, “one God one man, one cause one effect.  The effect’s relationship, as always, is with cause, never with effect.  To start from cause is to start from God.  To start from effect, is to start from the one evil.”  (O.V. 392)  To start from effect is to start from the belief that man’s mind is the man.  This rule, obeyed, completely silences the human mind, or consciousness with a small m.

Another rule that continually stands out is, Never bring in a third.  There is God, man, and the communion between God and man.  You know you are man.  Then the communion is always between you and God, appearing in the language best suited for your acceptance and growth, appearing as persons, places, and things.  But it is not persons, places, and things, as such, but is always God appearing as His idea.  This rule, to never bring in a third, silences all the silly nonsense of a lot of little spiritual ideas running around and cavorting with each other, leaving God, the one Mind on the sidelines, left out, to that belief – out of business, out of existence.  This is why the O.V. says, - Mrs. Eddy did and could use the words “spiritual ideas,” for under Mind’s direction as the Word of Science and Health she is reaching every condition of thought.  But you are not Mrs. Eddy and don’t you do it.  That was her work in writing it out for mankind, not yours, and mortals must stop having duality, minds many, as many spiritual ideas.  In the entirety of Science, God doesn’t duplicate the work He gives one to do.   “Perfect God and perfect man is the basis of thought and demonstration,” not perfect men, plural, all with minds of their own.

This ties in with still another C.C.T. rule, which inter-relates as the same rule, but in different language.  Everything is right here, never “over there.”  If “it,” as persons, places, or things,  are over there, what can me, as man, as the effect of God, do about it, organize the Charge of the Light Brigade to capture that which is “over there”?  We must have mastery in divine knowing, realization, which at the outset, me, as man, consciously am, and so mentally knows “it” is not “over there,” but right here.  For you see, man is not consciousness, either with a small or a capital C, but is consciously being all that Consciousness Is and must be, to be consciously aware.  So this rule grows right out of never introduce a third, that nothing is “out there,” or “over there,” in the divine oneness of Mind and man, Cause and effect.  When Science and Health states that “man is an individual consciousness” (76:15), the mortal rises in his understanding to see that consciousness is expressed individually, as man.  Then the belief that there are many individual consciousnesses, plural, will begin to fade from thought.  As a metaphysician you know this is true.

Having but one Mind only, and acknowledging no other, then from what appears as the Pope on down to the lowliest of the low, absolutely insist this one Mind which appears as seeing someone “over there,” is truly HERE as my one only Mind.  Pilate told Jesus when considering his position, – in other words,  his power and authority, - Don’t you know I have all power over you?  And did not Jesus say to him, Only if my Father gives it to you, do you have this power!  Does not our C.C.T. understanding insist, since divine Mind is the only cause, that whether the Pope, or Pilate, or any condition of thought, regardless of the label or personality attached to it, that the one Mind (your, and my, Mind),  is the one only Mind, and therefore, neither you, nor anyone else, can have a Mind as having some position, power, or authority over me.

During his final three months of “Open House” in translation before departing Mr. Eustace continually stressed these points with everyone.  There’s only one Mind, man’s very Mind, and there is no other to fear as having position, power or authority.  Therefore the Christian Scientist has no reason to fear any position, power, and authority, even governmental power and authority deviating from the Constitution.  Knowing this is what destroys all isms and ologies to our understanding.  Our work is not the work of being Christians who still entertain duality of thought by believing in good and evil, right and wrong, true and false; but in being Scientific Christians wherein all duality is forever silenced.  If one cannot accept this premise it only shows an unwillingness by the Christian Scientist to accept Mrs. Eddy’s standard in Science and Health.

These C.C.T. rules spelled out or implied within Science and Health, and/or with the O.V., are, like Mind, endless, and so meeting each one’s divine discerning need.  How often Mrs. Eddy talks about the Principle and its rule!  One rule so essential to know and look for, is to recognize the final seven years of both Mrs. Eddy and Mr. Eustace.  In the INTRODUCTORY FORWARD to HWE’s 7 yr. Crowning Completion of the “C.C.T.” 1950-1957, or with MBE in her final 7 Crowning Founding years from 1903-1910, this rule is,  -  we understand Christian Science in its Principle and Practice, its whole Founding, only if we understand these final 7 years of Mrs. Eddy in her glorious Founding, and we understand the C.C.T. only if we understand HWE’s final 7 years in his glorious crowning completion.

Is there a C.C.T. rule which covers this?  Of course.  Seasoned Christian Scientists, as well as those just coming in to the acceptance of Christian Science, whether young or old, taught by mortal teachers or not, card in the Journal or not, - are each and all at this one only point of the C.C.T. spiritual understanding!

There is indeed a C.C.T. rule to show us why we’re at this point.  It is:  The ever rising entrance point.  Each Christian Scientist, whether seasoned or just coming in, must find himself at this highest level in this one Founded understanding of Christian Science: “Each one is at the experience of the most advanced.” (O.V. 362)   It is the final 7 years of the Founding (1903 to 1910), and the final 7 years in the completion of the C.C.T. fulfilling (1950 to 1957) of Mrs. Eddy’s prophecy of her “successor as Revelator.”  In both cases it is Mind’s numerical order as the rising line of light, the highest spiritual level, that crowns both the final 7 years of the Founding, and the final 7 years in the in the completion of the C.C.T. fulfilling.  Even as Jesus explained in his parable, we enter in at the “eleventh hour” and receive the full penny. (Matt. 20:9)  The highest point of individual experience is never the outcome of anything that man has done, but is always where Mind is, in unfolding itself as its very idea, man.  This is understandable, for example, not only because we have conviction on flying as a fact of existence, but in spite of the fact that we may not have given much scientific thought as to how we arrived at this conviction.  It is simply Mind, the only Cause with us, because Mind is being acknowledged to be the only Cause by man, as man continues to silence all duality.  Why?  Today, we all accept flying as the nearest human likeness to instantaneous transportation more nearly approximating what Jesus accomplished by being instantly on the other side of the lake.  As an English friend told me, “And he took the whole bloody ship with him, including his disciples!”  We don’t have to wend our way by reverting back to the days of oxen and prairie schooners to accept faster modes of transportation. Today we all consciously accept flight!  As Mrs. Eddy said, Jesus was the Master Metaphysician!  He was instantly there!  Mortals have a lot of scientific accepting to gain conviction on!

Do you want proof of this, that we work out from Mind instead of from man?  In 1903, Mrs. Eddy cut the umbilical cord so that branch-child could grow spiritually by placing a By-law in her Church Manual telling the movement to “no longer call me mother” (Art. XXII, Sec. 1), and that Science and Health would now be your forever Leader in Christian Science.  What then happened mentally on the world scene as the human patterned the divine so that “holy thought, winged with Love,” could soar above the ground and not continue to be bound to the dust of the ground.  The Wright Bros. flew at Kitty Hawk!  (Read carefully S&H 512:10-16 on this point)  This has nothing to do with people; but, as the human patterns the rise in thought of the spiritual idea, no matter with who, or where, in the world, that will appear in the language of one’s acceptance, and in this case, in what appeared in the language of flight, as an airplane.  Christianly scientific thought always sees spiritually in translation.

In 1957, during his final three months, nearing the end of his final 7 year glorious crowning achievement, knowing no boundary nor limitation in making his final statement in leaving the mortal condition for a higher realm, Mr. Eustace declared, “Always have God as All-in-all.”  Simultaneous with that spiritual knowing the human again patterned the divine with the beginning of space flight – Sputnik!  Are we yet beginning to discern that every major advance in human history is the direct simultaneous result of something taking place spiritually, which the human counterfeits in its patterning?  Students of special research will have a wonderful time with this!  The F.F.’s goes into this in much greater detail.

So in similar scientific fashion, in fulfilling twelve of Mrs. Eddy’s prophecies under God’s direction, when Herbert W. Eustace opened his door to all visitors during his final three months in translation of the work God gave him to do, in early December, when in his 90th year, at practically the same identical age as when Mrs. Eddy left the human scene, he cut the symbolic umbilical cord for all C.C.T. students, showing that they, too, are now scientifically free to let thought soar just as Mrs. Eddy did with Christian Scientists of her day.  In each situation, how many Christian Scientists have seen what had been accomplished by them.  Very few.  Most are still bound to earth.  However, what has been accomplished is based on knowing what they spiritually are as the one man of God.  All spiritual success comes from having but one God as His one perfect man.  Yet, each succeeding spiritual advance comes from just such knowing in conviction as demonstration.  It always brings with it more awareness of the divine facts of being.  Man is beginning to see we are not two-legged mortals at all; that there is only one man since one cause could have but one effect, never effects, plural.  On this scientific basis it has been thoroughly demonstrated by Mr. Eustace’s work that man is indeed, one, and that God is man’s very Mind.  Consequently, the epitome of Mr. Eustace’s work was in his overcoming of the dragon of Revelation, the insidious belief that man’s mind is man, rather than God being man’s one and only Mind.

When Mrs. Eddy cut the umbilical cord in 1903, she did it so that Science and Health would become the Leader, and Christian Scientists would no longer look to her person.  Since that time Science and Health became our forever Leader in Christian Science, the basis for all spiritual deductions.  As a consequence the “revelator’s successor” would now be able to be acknowledged.  Why?  Because all deductions have their basis in this Science, and have been scientifically demonstrated for all that the revelator declared for her successor.  So, to repeat, what then happened mentally and simultaneously on the world scene as the human patterned the divine so that thought could continue to soar above the ground and not continue to be bound to a mortal body, where thought could continue to soar as “holy thought, winged with Love.”  You must keep uppermost in thought, this has not one thing to do with so-called mortals, as such, but with the spiritual idea of what’s being accepted as thought, no matter with who, or where, it is taking place in the world, even in Russia.  We now have had the first venture beyond the limits of inner space, breaking away from, and beyond, the confining limits of man’s mental atmosphere wherein man believes that man’s mind is man, to outer space.  This is a closer approximation of one man “looking out from the stars,” as did Jesus and Paul, which Mrs. Eddy said were “stars of the first magnitude.”  (See Misc. 360:6-14)   No wonder thought soared, even in that most communist of nations, “mother” Russia.  Why did this breaking the barrier as mortal thought appear as Russia?  Only to let mankind know that Truth has no boundaries!

We understand the Principle and Practice, the whole of the Founding from 1866 to 1910, only if we understand Mrs. Eddy’s highest and fullest demonstration during her final 7 year spiritual level.  This rule brings it all forcefully home so that all can recognize how it all ties in together.  I found this not just from this rule, but from the ever rising light to its finality and so completion as Science and Health.  It was then, in the writing of the F.F.’s  that I had gained the certainty of deduction and verification of this rule.


In her Founding Revelation Mrs. Eddy had three rising lights to a higher understanding on the subject of evil and its uncovering.  This whole sex-concern “idiocy,” of which Boston’s questionaire to its newer practitioners is now a part, is chiefly for Science emphasis, yet it cannot be excluded from the open and blatant sexual promiscuity.

Over the past 100 years our top anthropologists have presented nothing new on the subject.  They explore “man” strictly from a material point of view in covering man’s long earthly recorded past in the oldest of tribes.  In their mortal presentation, all anthropologists are in this mainstream of evil as “direction by malicious minds.” (Whoso Readeth, 406, 554)  Their study of man is mainly from this sex angle, seeing little, if any, of the divine qualities of God.

Margaret Mead, for example, gives a new forward push in her thinking on this subject.  From the standpoint of malicious mind, her belief is that man’s mind is the man, for on her chosen matter level she gives every appearance of being the top authority, a real rugged thinker.   Yet, like every mortal in this flood of human wrangling over man’s sexuality, Mead, in her ignorance of God, starts her deductions with the man of the dragon of Revelation, the belief that mortal malicious mind is man’s mind, rather than God being man’s one and only Mind.   In this view man is a mind-matter mixture animated by electrical currents.

Mrs. Eddy’s long-held broad general statement as to the problem of “sex” has been, - in or out of wedlock - one of the mortals most difficult problems.  Mortals err if they approach it in any other way but through Science.  In the O.V. HWE says quotes Mrs. Eddy specifically, showing that sexual intercourse is lust, whether in or out of wedlock.  It used to be that only in fidelity to the marriage bond did the human Christian thought accept sexual intercourse.  Today, however, in the guise of having more and more freedom to do as it pleases, all legal responsibility in the Public mind is to get further and further away from Truth.

As Mrs. Eddy said, “The third stage in the order of Christian Science is an important one to the human thought, letting in the light of spiritual understanding.”  (508:28)   Then she continues, “This period corresponds to the resurrection, when Spirit is discerned to be the Life of all, and the deathless Life, or Mind, dependent upon no material organization.” (509:1)  It may be difficult to general mortal public thought to read and digest Science and Health, and to follow its standard on this subject.  Nevertheless our textbook has the chapter on Marriage as its third chapter, which is where human thought can rise to a higher understanding.  When understood thought is capable of rising to the light of spiritual understanding in overcoming the mortal material body which this second coming of the Christ impersonally embodies.  With the mortal turning to Christian Science, one won’t go wrong and certainly cannot do better, than to ask every one to read, and more, to think through this third chapter.  If one is too “thick-headed” with thought centered too much on the body, this lust for sex for completeness, such will go over it totally unaware yet find marvelous arousing guidance in unity which this deepest of mortal belief opens the door wide to.  (When King V quotes Mrs. Eddy who said, “desire for the sweet companionship of the opposite sex is perfectly natural,” he was using Mrs. Eddy’s words to justify his desire for sexuality, rather than seeing the male-female qualities in a relationship is a completing idea.)

On pages 950 and 951 of the One Volume, Mr. Eustace freely quotes Mrs. Eddy who clearly states that intercourse is lust, and then exposes this damnable belief of incompleteness with man being only half a man, male, and half a man, female, with the two halves constituting a whole “man.”  This is the typical theological view of the human mind alias the Dragon malicious mortal mind, which is now at its 3rd level of pure malice as “moral idiocy.” (S&H 103)  As the negation of the one man of God, the dragon of Revelation is malicious in its insistence that man’s mind is what man is.  This mind has now moved to this point as the negation of the divine Mind which the general public thought is now increasingly accepting.  Today there is no public condemnation of cohabitation out of wedlock, let alone, the divine Mind’s feminine-masculine unity, which every individual embodies, with the feminine quality as man’s highest.

In Science and Health, the order of the three rising lights on the subject of evil, have always been:

  1. I) Separate, opposite, unreal.  Read S&H 14:25-30 on “separate;  584:9-10, and others on “opposite,” such as 282:28-3, 554:20, and 407:24;  Those statements culminate with 466:15-18 on “unreal.”   Separate, opposite, and unreal, constitute a perfect 3 –  and with each individual it is a “rising to the light of spiritual understanding,” for as the S&H quote from 466 ends: “This last statement contains the point you will most reluctantly admit, although first and last it is the most important to understand” (my emphasis, pwa).

These 3, in the individual’s rise to spiritual understanding, - that evil is separate from, then found to be opposite to, and finally found out to be thoroughly unreal, which is “the most important to understand,” - are deduced from Mrs. Eddy’s Class Drill of 1870 right from the very onset of her discovery.  They were then and there embraced as the very essence of her healing and discovery of Christian Science.  What a thrill in the Founding it is as each Christian Scientist discerns this spiritual fact, for it shows how absolutely clear Mrs. Eddy was right from her Revelation-Discovery in 1866!

However, this was not Her Revelation of Science and Health through her Founding, as its first level on evil.  For the above 3, while so wondrous to the understanding applies to more than just one level, they apply to all three (3) levels throughout the Founding, both as its one Positive 3 and its simultaneous negative statement three (3).

As an aside for a brief moment, in order to understand this above concept on evil more clearly, it is necessary to understanding how Mrs. Eddy makes use of numeral.  Numeral must be understood spiritually. For example, wherever the numeral one is used, it must be found to be all-inclusive of the essence or substance involved, for all other numerals are but further unfoldings in the rising line of light, further elaborations of what this number one embraces.  As Science and Health unfolds itself as Consciousness, the numeral one is not only “the beginning” but “the only” (502).   The numeral three, for example, is based on this One.  It denotes a higher rise of thought as its third stage by “letting in the light of spiritual understanding” where this rise “corresponds to the resurrection, where Spirit is discerned to be the Life of all, and the deathless Life, or Mind, dependent upon no material organization.” (See S&H 508:28-8, n.p.)  The numeral three, then, is thoroughly based on the prime numeral, the numeral one, which is also the essence or substance of other numerals such as a three, five, seven, nine, or twelve, etc., just as the Bible uses them, and as Mrs. Eddy uses numeral in their rising light unfoldings or further elaborations of what the number one embraces.  But they must be understood spiritually or their significance is lost.

One of the most significant statements in the whole of Science and Health for the start of one’s journey spiritually to build one’s “structure of Truth and Love” as the man of God is to commence with Mrs. Eddy’s statement “God expresses in man the infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis.  Mind manifests all that exists in the infinitude of Truth.  We know no more of man as the true divine image and likeness, than we know of God.  The infinite Principle is reflected by the infinite idea and spiritual individuality, but the material so-called senses have no cognizance of either Principle or its idea.  The human capacities are enlarged and perfected in proportion as humanity gains the true conception of man and God.”  (258:13-24)  This statement is the whole of “the beginning,” “the only,” your only starting point for growth, where you enter in at the “eleventh hour” and receive the full penny, for you see, it is your kingdom you’re dealing with, not the other persons.  This is the one Christ-idea.  As you be “lifted up,” you lift up all with you!  As far as you’re concerned you’re the only man there is because you’re the only man you understand being the only man there is.   Leave all two-legged mortals out of the question.  Leave what appears as other people alone.  What appears as other people is simply Mind appearing in an infinitude of variety called persons, places and things, - as Mind’s idea, singular – appearing in either positive or in negative language for you to translate properly; but it is always God appearing as its idea.  You are the only man as far as your understanding of Christian Science is concerned.  So the whole of infinity is God and man, Cause and effect, you and your communion with God.

Then the structure that you’re building is your understanding that you are developing  of God expressing Himself as man, “the infinite idea (this one man which you are building) forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis” based on how your thought is rising as you are understanding spiritually.  This is you that Science and Health is talking about!  You are doing this in your oneness with God as your very Mind, the “beginning,” “the only.” (502:24)   This is the Christ!  Jesus expressed this to the fullest as the Master Metaphysician.  Mrs. Eddy discovered this Christ-idea, and has shown you this idea through her “clear, correct teaching of Christian Science” which she taught to those willing to understand it.   It is how she was able to perform such marvelous healings.  You are Mrs. Eddy’s “successor” as this one wholly spiritual man!  You don’t need “approval” from anyone to build your structure.  Only God will remove you when you deviate from these truths.  Mortals cannot do that!  Communion is always between God and His man!  That communion is the Holy Ghost communing!  Is not Mrs. Eddy here saying, to use Jesus’ words, “He that hath seen me hath seen the Father”?  Of course!  God is known by the idea that expresses Him.

Now to return to our main discussion on the previous 3 levels in their rising light on evil.  The negative inverted statement of the 3 as reality, its 2nd statement is, - that evil operates, to quote Mrs. Eddy, as “direction by malicious minds,” as malicious mental malpractice. (O.V. 406, 554)  And its 3rd statement to be understood is,  –  “The use of a lie” by which we learn more of God from opposite facts or phenomena. (Un. 36:6)

I’ve just given the 2nd and 3rd negative inverted statements on these three levels in their rising light on evil.  Now I’ll discuss the 1st statement of this inverted lie about God and His man.  It goes right back to Science and Health which I repeat, “Moreover, Truth is real, and error is unreal.  This last statement contains the point you will most reluctantly admit, although first and last it is the most important to understand.” (466:15)   Error is unreal.  Then why give it credence?  You say, “Because I’ve got to explain it to others so that they don’t see it as real!”  Therein you’ve given it reality as evil.  That’s because you still believe your mind is you, that man’s mind is what man is.  Well, man’s mind is not man.  Better yet, man’s Mind is not man, for man’s one and only Mind is God.  If man’s mind and man were one and the same how could man ever separate himself from the mind that is victimizing him, as Christian Science teaches us how to do?  Man is simply man, nothing more, nothing less.  And God is man’s very Mind!  Then why take the time to explain evil to mortals.  Take the time, instead, to explain God, man’s very Mind.  Isn’t this what Mrs. Eddy expected of you?  Of course.

“The belief that Christian Science is for the purpose of healing sin or disease is fraught with the greatest danger to the believer, (which you say you once were!) because the mind that believes there is something to be healed is the same mind that holds within itself all that constitutes the disease, and therefore is not the Mind that can correct it.”  Have you ever read such a profound C.C.T. statement as that?  That statement takes away all material belief concerning the truths of Christian Science.  Then where are we to do our work, our knowing, today?   In continuing with the quotation, the answer is, “On the other hand, the Mind that knows only good and the things of good, is the Mind that has already precluded the possibility of anything unlike good, and therefore is its destruction.  This process of destruction is not really destruction, but is only the pressure of the one Mind spontaneously eliminating everything unlike itself.” (O.V. 706, my emphasis.  pwa.)

Our textbook’s first revelation on the uncovering of evil in the Founding obviously is for the Christian Scientist to separate himself, as man, from the mind that is victimizing him, as Christian Science teaches one how to do.  It is the belief in a combination of mind in matter animated for its “life” by electrical currents, - and is, from any standpoint as such a mortal, incomplete.  In Genesis 2:18 “The Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.”  And so the clergy have given their interpretation at wedding ceremonies that God gives the man (male) a help-mate called a woman (female) to complete the idea of man.  What nonsense!  Through Christian Science mankind is awakening to the fact that God gives man the “help” that “meets” the need, not a help-mate or two-legged mortal.  “Each mortal is not two personalities, but one.” (Unity 21:5)  “We must seek the undivided garment, the whole Christ, as our first proof of Christianity, for Christ, Truth, alone can furnish us with absolute evidence.”  (S&H 142:7)  Man is individual, both masculine and feminine,  embracing all the qualities of God as the mortal is willing to let God unfold those qualities.

The obvious name for this electrically animated mind in matter is, - Animal Magnetism.  Mesmer had quite a different belief as to mesmerism or animal magnetism, a sort of all-pervasive material force throughout the universe, evidently akin to the astrological belief of the stars controlling man.

No wonder Mrs. Eddy had to give this name to evil from the beginning.  She had Adam Dickey, her secretary at the end of her career quoted her as stressing: “Where all Christian Scientists have failed is in not knowing how to handle animal magnetism.”  This fundamental how to handle animal magnetism is where all Christian Scientist have failed!

This fundamental how to handle it is the key idea in the first of Mr. Eustace’s final 7 glorious crowning completing years of the C.C.T. starting in 1950, the first or number one for his final 7 rising lights.  So important is this subject, he included in the One Volume the pamphlet by Ernest C. Rodwick, titled, The Psychologist and The Magician, the essence of which is on  - handling animal magnetism and the fundamental how to.   Mr. Eustace makes an introductory statement to this pamphlet explaining, that while there is nothing of Christian Science, as such, in the article, the story clearly illustrates how one can overcome every aspect of animal magnetism presenting itself as consciousness.  It shows how man, when fortified with the truth of what one knows, can be ever awake to all good, and especially to understanding the subtelty of direction by malicious minds as the negation of direction by divine Mind, thus fulfilling what Mrs. Eddy declared in Science and Health, “A knowledge of error and of its operations must precede that understanding of Truth which destroys error, until the entire mortal, material error finally disappears, and the eternal verity, man created by and of Spirit, is understood and recognized as the true likeness of his Maker.”  (252:8, emphasis mine, pwa)  The remainder of the C.C.T. unfolding to his hour of saying goodbye in 1957, is centered right on the substance of this point, showing exactly how he was able to handle and overcome it every step of the way.

Every negative statement, everyone should know, is drawn from the positive.  And so negatively, in reverse reading, as it presents itself as one’s conscious awareness, points to the one All-in-all Positive, the Mind-fact reality.  The negative is simply the divine Mind mis-seen, and needs to be reversed.  From this standpoint it is not some terrible thing happening.  The negative cannot be expressed more clearly than that!  That’s why Science and Health says of the negative, “A knowledge of error and of its operations must (note, must!) precede that understanding of Truth which destroys error, until the entire mortal, material error finally disappears.” (252:8)  It starts with you, and having a correct understanding of Mrs. Eddy’s C.C.T.  Man’s mind is not man; and neither is man’s Mind, man; for man is simply man, nothing more, nothing less.  God is man’s very Mind.  There is no human mind except as one’s belief.

So the first revelation on the uncovering of evil to be understood is perfectly stated by Mr. Eustace’s pamphlet also included in the One Volume called, The False Prophet: “In order to follow through as we must do – in order to get at the pith of the whole meeting, which is to show what evil is and how it is to be seen through and so eliminated – you must understand that –


(O.V. 914)

Thus the beginning point in the uncovering of evil is to start with the man of God, the one immortal man of the one only immortal Mind.  Man cannot be excluded from his eternal relationship with infinite Mind, for without man God wouldn’t be known.  I consciously am (effect) must have Consciousness as its precedent (Cause)!  Man is simply effect, nothing more, nothing less.  Then why start with man, you ask, if God is man’s very Mind?  The answer is, you have to!  While God is truly man’s very Mind, if you don’t start with what you are as man, how else will all that is mortal with you be overcome when it is the very mind of that mortal that believes that man’s mind is the man?  That’s the very Dragon itself trying to remain hidden from being exposed!  It’s the educated belief, which mankind has accepted from the very beginning of mortal history, from the very first deviation from Truth, which this kind of man had never been taught to refute, that man mind and man are one and the same “thing.”  That’s why you must first start with man in this uncovering.

Again, that’s why the Word of Mind, as our textbook tells us, “A knowledge of error and of its operations must precede that understanding of Truth which destroys error.”  Can’t lose sight of the word must!   In one’s uncovering of evil, to declare that “All is infinite Mind” and leave out in one’s demonstration that Mind’s showing forth as man, is man trying to be God.  On this basis the mortal can never be overcome.  Neither Jesus nor Mrs. Eddy fell for such nonsense!  Its negative statement as animal magnetism is indispensable reinforcement of this spiritual understanding of divine Mind, in driving home to conviction what man is not.  The entire hypnotic belief that embraces all there is to, fear, sin, sickness, disease, death, in its struggle for completeness - this mortal man’s oneness with the Dragon of Revelation, is malicious mind first appearing with each individual as its matter-Beast of Revelation, which Jesus overcame on the cross, into the tomb and out with his resurrection, and right on into the Ascension.  And secondly, with malicious mind appearing as its False Prophet, falsely prophesying that all is malicious mind and its malicious manifestation, which Mary Baker Eddy overcame in the culmination of her life’s experience, is now seen at the end of the Founding rising light for what it truly is - as pure malice, - operating as “moral idiocy” (See S&H 103:18-24), the belief that man’s mind is the man.  This belief is the the Dragon of Revelation.

Then to understand where the individual now is, in this handling of evil, one must digest these two pamphlets, The False Prophet, and especially the second of the two, The Three Immaculate Conceptions.  In the 9 basic points covering Mr. Eustace’s C.C.T. crowning completion, two are captioned,  - The Final Highest Light of the “C.C.T.” in Handling Animal Magnetism, and the fundamental, How to Handle Animal Magnetism.

In starting with divine Mind in summarizing the subject of evil in the Founding revelation, Science and Health establishes first the negative - what is appearing as evil - and then the Positive which the negative is drawn from, by an emphatic now reversed seeing and knowing, which reinforces in one’s understanding, the true.  For a negative, a lie, couldn’t be a lie unless it were based on something already established as true which the lie is a lie about!  That’s why, in starting with divine Mind as man’s very Mind, the Mind of Science and Health establishes the necessity for mortals to first give the negative, and then the Positive, the true, from which the negative is drawn.

So we now must uncover:

I – Animal Magnetism – the mortal belief of man with a mind in matter kept electrically alive, and from any angle, the sole acceptor and believer of all that is called “hell on this earth.”

And as such negation:

  • It is drawn from the one only man, the man of God, the man of the one only Mind which, in showing forth this infinity, omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience of good, is my now whole experience, the essence, the substance of my being.
  • Could we have the spiritual understanding of Science and Health today as its one “clear, correct teaching” without this negative hell-raising experience?

What does our Leader in her inspired Word have to tell us on this deep subject which we must understand?  She says:

It is often asked why Christian Science was revealed to me as one intelligence, analyzing, uncovering, and annihilating the false testimony of the physical senses.  Why was this conviction necessary to the right apprehension of the invincible and infinite energies of Truth and Love, as contrasted with the foibles and fables of finite mind and material existence.

The answer is plain.  St. Paul declared that the law was the schoolmaster, to bring him to Christ.  Even so was I led into the mazes of divine metaphysics through the gospel of suffering, the providence of God, and the cross of Christ.  No one else can drain the cup which I have drunk to the dregs as the Discoverer and teacher of Christian Science; neither can its inspiration be gained without tasting this cup.  (My emphasis, pwa.  Ret. 30:10-24)

How’s that emphasis for a divinely negative clause right from divine Mind, but expressed in negative language!  Every Christian Scientist in the understanding of Mrs. Eddy’s Founded C.C.T. knows from his own experience how true it is what was just quoted from Mrs. Eddy.  The path of this ever rising divine light in our Leader’s writings has the negative running all the way right with the Positive, indispensable with every mortal so-called in this Mind-journey.  Not just clauses, but dozens of full quotations from Mrs. Eddy can be given to substantiate this.


In the fall of 1945 Joseph Eggleston Johnston started to dig into this deep subject.  He sat down at his desk and for 12 hours began writing an article which he titled, The Negative.  When finished, he showed the result of his understanding and conclusions to Mr. Eustace who was delighted that someone was seeing this subject on evil in what appeared as Mrs. Eddy’s giving. He saw Christian Science truly as a Science to be lived, and not as a belief of Science living to support an organization!    His introduction to Christian Science was at the age of sixteen, in 1908.  With one foot already in the grave, Joseph Johnston was quickly healed.  The doctor’s were stunned by the complete reversal of the claim, knowing only that this young lad was wasting away.  His deeply religious family had already gathered to pay their last respects.  So profound was the healing it brought his entire family of seven into the study of Christian Science.  His first teaching assignment was to teach logic at the University of California,  Santa Barbara.  He soon was selected by the Chancellor Bob Sproull to become his assistant at Berkeley and was instrumental in finding the Westwood property for the University system which became known U.C.L.A.

Joe Johnston’s inspiration for understanding the divine negative, that if one truly accepts that “All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation” thus eliminating duality, therefore it must be of God and is not some terrible thing happening, enabled him to become one of the first, other than Mrs. Eddy, and with the exception of two others which will be discussed shortly, to uncover the negative as being the very presence of Mind, but mis-seen or mis-understood.  All of Mrs. Eddy’s statements have been placed on the divine record.

Consider one of the best divinely negative statements in the whole of Science and Health which Mrs. Eddy placed near the end of the chapter on Marriage.  This bittersweet statement is “Sweet are the uses of adversity,” (66:3. My emphasis, PWA).   Note that, in quoting Shakespeare, Mrs. Eddy is not saying that adversity is sweet, but that its uses are sweet.  God knows nothing about adversity.  He knows nothing about sin, sickness, disease or death; but He certainly gives one the use of the experience if that is necessary to awaken the mortal to God as the one only Mind!  It is the human mind that does the misinterpreting!  No wonder she referred to Shakespeare as the “immortal Shakespeare, great poet of humanity.” (ibid., 66: 1)  Not thinking it through, at one time I used to rebel at that statement because I was thinking of the person of Shakespeare rather than what he expressed spiritually.  I perceived him as a two-legged mortal, holding him “in the grasp of matter”!  (S&H 28:6)  Talk about having duality; that early mistake really woke me up! Mrs. Eddy never beheld anyone as a two-legged mortal.  She pointed out the individual’s character only when it was not in accord with God.

Mr. Johnston was instrumental is bringing to my attention many Mind-arousing negative statements of Mrs. Eddy’s on how God guides and directs in His negative language, and how that language coincided exactly with what she Founded as Christian Science.  It shows how the negative is simultaneous with the Positive, so is not something separate from the Positive, nor is it a bona fide opposite to the Positive, and finally, it showed that the negative of God is unreal,  is simply the Positive mis-seen!  These terms, separate, opposite and unreal are the immediate recognition to the metaphysician of what man’s relation to God is not, -  separate, opposite and unreal!  In other words Johnston saw what Mrs. Eddy, Edward A. Kimball and Herbert W. Eustace also saw.  These are the two others I alluded to earlier.  Kimball, and Eustace saw before him, that because God is man’s very Mind, God is simply saying to the mortal element trying to gain ascendency as that man, until that man is no longer classified as mortal - this negative appearing which you seem to believe is so real, is, in actuality, the appearing of what I Am not.  There are not two appearings of what I Am, for there is no duality as Mind.  And as you reverse the is not for what is, you’ll have the very essence and substance of All that I Am.


It was this essence and substance Mrs. Eddy gave in Miscellany in her tribute to Edward A. Kimball on his passing when he completed his work, that it was his “clear, correct teaching of Christian Science” that “has been and is an inspiration to the whole field” (297:18), for certainly what has been and is as an inspiration can never become an is not, can never be separate from God, can never be a bona fide opposite to God, and can never be unreal, when one is thinking scientifically!

So Mrs. Eddy had special reason for giving her tribute.  First, it was not given to laud the personality of Kimball, but to acknowledge his understanding as being “clear and correct.”  There is an infinite difference!  Second, it was also to protect this “clear, correct teaching of Christian Science” because it was her very own “clear, correct teaching” she taught him under her direction in preparation for his becoming the Normal Class teacher, showing that another, other than Mrs. Eddy, could teach this subject!  Third, it was also to protect this teaching for the future, until another, other than myself and Edward A. Kimball, would step forward to unfold it this teaching under God’s direction as her “successor as Revelator” by fulfilling twelve of her major prophecies.  It would also be his teaching and his understanding, but not his person, that would keep Christian Science from disappearing “from among mortals.” (My. 197:8)   That understanding appeared as the person of Herbert W. Eustace.  This letter by Mrs. Eddy to Mr. Eustace, which the Eustace trustees have in their possession, was in answer to his letter to her.  This letter was also her third identification of his understanding.

This all ties in beautifully with the first three steps or stages as given in Science and Health, 116:1, under the heading of “Third Degree: Understanding,” which are entirely spiritual.  The first step or stage of individual growth is “wisdom,” for the substance of that  “clear and correct” wisdom must be wholly spiritual.  The second step or stage is “purity” itself, for whatever is impure must be reversed; it is God saying this is what I Am not!  The third step or stage is “spiritual understanding,” and note how Mrs. Eddy ties in her identification of Mr. Eustace’s thought with her own statement from Science and Health, that the third stage is “an important one to the human thought, letting in the light of spiritual understanding.” (S&H 508:28)  It is the reader’s uplifted thought that enables this light!   I can’t explain all this here, but we’ll see how all this further unfolds as the F.F.’s are completed.  It is wholly of God.   Also, Mrs. Eddy knew that students would have to rise to the understanding of this C.C.T., and  as early as 1885 she was patiently waiting for a Kimball (1890) or a  Eustace (1902) to rise to this understanding and be able to state these truths clearly, correctly and, further, without the approval of the Board of Directors as will be brought out in the F.F.’s book.

As Mrs. Eddy had to be patient until God brought forth and identified Edward A. Kimball to her thought in 1890, and then brought forth Mr. Eustace to the attention of both Edward A. Kimball and Mrs. Eddy’s thought in 1902, Mr. Eustace quickly learned he had to be patient until God brought forth some one, who was beginning to see these things which were always in our Leader’s writings that so few had seen, ignored, or had no conviction on.

The key point to consider here is that at each main point in her Founding where Mrs. Eddy had a big forward move to a higher Mind-level, it all started with a thumping negative, negative statement forcing her to rise to the next step of experience – every step being under God’s direction.  The main thrust for this concept is from Miscellaneous Writings, as given from a sermon by Mrs. Eddy in 1885, where she said, “Dispensing the Word charitably, but separating the tares from the wheat, let us declare the positive and the negative of metaphysical Science, what it is and what it is not….Science is divine; it is neither of human origin nor of human direction.” (172:3-17)  Note specifically that Mrs. Eddy is saying, as Christian Scientists we must declare not only the positive, but alsothe negative of metaphysical Science.”  In other words we must declare God’s negative expression of Himself, which we can now call the divine negative, if we truly accept God as our very Mind!  Kimball picked up on this as no other mortal, and brought it to her attention during his class with her in 1888.  In other words, he understood this before he ever took class with her.  He had it in his understanding, just as Mr. Eustace understood it when he took class with Kimball in 1902.  They both saw the Science of it!  It had not one thing to do with their person.  Then let’s declare the divine God-given negatives without being afraid of what others’ may think or believe!  All that is required is that the negative be reversed for the Positive fact!  God negative is necessary to expose the mortal’s positive error!  How else can one expose evil as thought if we’re not aware that the “seeming” appearance of what the mortal calls evil, but is really the presence of God mis-understood.  We must thoroughly understand this!  No wonder the Board of Directors after Mrs. Eddy’s passing, nor the movement in general, for that matter, were not obedient to her estoppel clauses!   This is the reason for God having a negative, to force the mortal to be obedient.

Is it any wonder that Kimball picked up on God’s negative?  He already had one foot in the grave when he reached out to something other than himself, to something other than the human mind, and rose spiritually enough to find Christian Science and was healed.  He had already seen that the mortal’s positive and negative sense of things were of no further interest.  He saw God, however faintly!  Saw that the tremendous negative condition he was afflicted with, trying to find the finest doctors in Europe who could help him, was just his God with him, but misinterpreted.

Then what appears to the individual as evil is never some terrible thing happening, but simply God being mis-seen.  All the mortal has to do is reverse it in the understanding, that is, for the spiritual FACT!  This will prove that, when done,  one has conviction in knowing, for one will be reversing what is not true, for what is.  Again, this is what Mrs. Eddy liked about Edward A. Kimball’s understanding  His “clear, correct teaching of Christian Science has been and is,” to use her exact words.  That scientific statement clearly indicates that Mrs. Eddy felt Kimball reversed the is not for what Is.  Error cannot stand in God’s presence.  Why?  Since a lie could not be a lie unless it was totally dependent upon some pre-existing truth about which it is a lie, once that truth is seen, there is no further necessity for the lie.  It has served its purpose!  We may even say it is God’s “use of lie in Christian Science.”  (Un. 36:8)  Nevertheless, God doesn’t know anything about an actual lie, doesn’t know anything about evil, about what is separate from, opposite to, and is unreal.  “But God doesn’t know anything about a negative,” we can hear the mortal scream!  And that certainly is true, for God doesn’t!

Again consider what Mrs. Eddy’s use of Shakespeare’s phrase, “Sweet are the uses of adversity.”  Now truly God knows nothing about sexuality, either hetero-, or homo-.  Identifying yourself as either of those conditions is placing yourself in matter.  It’s why Mrs. Eddy place this line of Shakespeare’s near the end of the chapter on Marriage.  When she referred to Shakespeare as the “immortal bard,” she knew he knew he clearly and correctly saw that God knew nothing about adversity as such; but because he saw that God gives one the USE of whatever experience is needed in order to awaken the mortal.  The emphasis is on its uses!  “Sweet are the uses of adversity.”  That’s what God gives us, - the USE of the negative, - His negative language showing us what He is not!   Christian Scientists in Mrs. Eddy’s day were just not ready to accept this conclusion; nor are many today!  But there are those who have risen to uncover and expose the error of thought trying to claim ascendency.  It is why Mrs. Eddy said in Unity of Good,  “The use of a lie is that it unwittingly confirms Truth,…which reverses false testimony and gains a knowledge of God from opposite facts or phenomena.” (36:6)   Note again Mrs. Eddy’s use of the word “use”!  Only by having one Mind, man’s very Mind, in understanding and declaring both “the positive and the negative of metaphysical Science, what it is, and what it is not” do we really have Christian Science.  This is also why Mrs. Eddy said of Edward A. Kimball’s clear and correct understanding in her tribute to him, that what “has been and is” (My. 297:18), can never become an is not!  This is Science!  She wasn’t singling out the personality of Kimball, but his understanding.  There’s an infinite difference!

Kimball was the first, other than Mrs. Eddy, to rise to this understanding, contrary to all the arguments of the human mind and so-called personalities claiming otherwise.  Mr. Eustace was the second, and when Kimball found out that Mr. Eustace grasped this C.C.T.  Mrs. Eddy was truly delighted for it showed that someone from the field of Christian Scientists was seeing this truth, that a student (Eustace) of a student (Kimball) was now seeing what was being conveyed by a student, someone other than Mrs. Eddy!  This proved this teaching could now go forward without a personal Leader.  It is the key reason why Mrs. Eddy in 1903 (again note the three, or third year of the new century) was able to place a By-law estoppel clause in her Manual telling the field to no longer call her mother, that God as Science and Health would now be the forever Leader, a term “already used in our periodicals.”  (See Manual, Article XXII, Sect. 1.)   This scenario symbolically completed the entire round of what education truly is, and that a personality in the form of Mrs. Eddy would no longer be involved.  The Word could now go forth impersonally.
If we don’t start with God as All-in-all how else are we going to stop all duality as thought?  God is the one only Mind, and that divine.  There is no human mind except to one’s belief that man’s mind is man.  We must stop this nonsense of believing in, or having two minds, one human and one divine.  Hence the top rule in Christian Science today is, - and this is the key, “One God one man, one cause one effect.  The effect’s relationship, as always, is with cause, never with effect.  To start from cause is to start from God.  To start from effect, is to start from the one evil.” (O.V. 392)

“But the newcomer, the beginner,” you say!   Well, what about them?    The only newcomer or beginner there is, is your concept about them as your very mind, thinking of them as less than perfect!  The very moment you think of them as such, you malpractice!  Malicious mind is your very mind at that moment.  But you say,  “Mrs. Eddy talked about beginners, about Primary and Normal class teaching,” etc.   Yes she did.  But that was her necessity under God, not yours.  It is your necessity to have God as your very Mind and acknowledge no other Mind.  This is what will make the movement grow!  With God as your very Mind, won’t all that appears as newcomers or beginners, enter in at the eleventh hour and receive the full penny?  Of course they will, when you have God as your very Mind!   Don’t people desiring faster modes of transportation today accept flying as the standard means of travel, without having to learn all about the slower means of travel like the oxen drawn conestoga wagon crossing the Great Plains during the nineteenth century?  Is that what you believe they have to learn?  Or do they enter in right where you are and accept flying as a present reality?  They accept flying!   Only ecclesiasticism would tell Christian Scientists otherwise in order to justify its existence as mortals telling the newcomer that the Board of Directors’ are “watchful and tender guardian of human consciousness in its ascent Godward.” (C.S. Sent. of June 2, 1947.)  Not only is this false, but the Board even tells the field they are doing this in Mrs. Eddy’s name as Directors of the C.S. Movement!  They are not, and never were, as they are being forced to admit.  Why?  Because Mrs. Eddy, understanding this Science better than anyone before or since, knew that her C.C.T. would prevail as Science, for she made a prophecy concerning this teaching in her letter to Mr. Eustace clearly stating that it would be his understanding, because his works would be one with the Word, that would keep “Christian Science from disappearing from among mortals.” (See My. 197:15-22)  In her original draft of the letter she closed it with “We thank divine Love for the hope set before us in the Word and in the doers thereof, ‘for of such is the kingdom of heaven.’”  But before sending it she changed the closing paragraph to, “I thank divine Love,” etc.  This change in substance is now telling the field, as the Revelator of Christian Science under God’s direction, that the impersonal I as Mr. Eustace expresses it, is what will keep Christian Science from “disappearing from among mortals.”   Much more on this subject will be given at the appropriate time.

You recall earlier I mentioned that at each main point in her Founding when Mrs. Eddy had a big forward move to a higher Mind-level each forward move started with a thumping negative statement?  Seen rightly, and understanding that God is the only cause, you then realize that it was God, appearing in negative language, that was forcing her to rise.  If you are even remotely familiar with Christian Science history you’ll recall, for example, that in first starting to write Science and Health in 1872, it was then, after she thought she had finished her manuscript by December of 1874, and got a printer to go ahead on it, that the whole experience was mysteriously held up for 7 months until she faced the negative statement.  Remember, this is God’s negative, how God is directing her experience, but in negative language.  She was forced to write on, and explain, the subject of malicious mental malpractice as mortal mind conceives and uses it, and wrote on the subject fully to a point of completion for the first Edition.  As she got to the Lynn Station in heading for Boston to confront her printer, her printer got off the train which just arrived and, seeing Mrs. Eddy, asked her for the rest of the manuscript!  Seven months this manuscript was held up – until Mrs. Eddy was obedient to God in completing the subject on animal magnetism which she didn’t want to write about.  In other words, she was forced to be obedient to God!  Once obedient, the work went forward under God’s direction.

Doesn’t it seem pretty silly, if we are to understand the Founding Facts of Christian Science, and how Mrs. Eddy demonstrated them, to not only know the facts thoroughly, but to know the whole of the Line of Light through the Old Testament, and especially the New Testament with Christ Jesus, with St. Paul, with the Disciples, - to understand spiritual history which to this day has never been written - ever to doubt Mind’s absolute Allness in this control and unfolding of this divine order in perfection?

Mr. Eustace,  in those 12 glorious days of his fidelity to God before his grand goodbye, did not talk much.  He spoke in a soft voice or not at all, because of the way necessary to exit him from this mortal condition to a higher realm.  Then on the 12h day, in a loud and clear voice he made a final rousing statement to those present, - “Always have God as All-in-all.”  What a divinely perfect farewell, a divinely perfect goodbye, according to the C.C.T. understanding!

Mrs. Eddy’s last written word was, - “God is my Life!”  A few days before saying goodbye her next to last written word was, “It took a combination of sinners that held fast to harm me,” which Mr. Eustace so marvelously thrashes out in the latter part of The False Prophet (O.V. 955 to 958).

The whole question of sexuality and sensuality with its turmoil and anguish will never stop as long as we start with the mortal man of the mortal mind, this half incomplete thing of mind in matter given animated life and kept alive by electrical current impulses, the brain, the heart, and all its nerves.  It ends instantly the moment one starts with this one man of the immortal Mind and adhering only to that Mind.  With that Mind as man’s very Mind there is no matter, no incompleteness, only wholeness, oneness.   Chapter 3 in Science and Health leads the mortal to this Mind when he is ready to turn from, give up the mortal with all its sensuality for the immortal.  This business of having us believe that this subject is too deep to talk about and that people are just too new to mention this subject, is itself, rank malicious animal magnetism.  Such believers in Science have not even tried to learn the fundamental how to explain this subject in a simple way.  The error is not with the newcomer or so-called beginner, but with the Christian Scientist unwilling to hold completely to divine Mind!

In his Classes Mr. Eustace used to tell those in his classes, - Of course you can walk in wedlock hand-in-hand down the pathway of life without sexual intercourse.  Bess and I have been doing this from the very beginning.  As a metaphysician you would know the truth of this concept because the C.C.T. would force you to arrive at an honest appraisal on that point in your understanding.  Sadly, there are some in their marriages who will have to pay the negative penalty, “the utmost farthing,” for their awakening to a more spiritual sense of being.

Then to clarify and summarize Mind’s unfolding order for these 3 levels on evil, the glorious first point was to see, - is that Mrs. Eddy’s use of the words – SEPARATE, OPPOSITE, UNREAL, - apply to all these Founding levels.  It is the one only right point or perspective from which to see all 3 levels.  These 3 levels in the Founding on evil are stated both Positively then negatively, to awaken, to force the mortal, to see divine Mind’s ONE on these points, and then to see their ever-rising light in spiritual understanding.

In starting with the negative statement on evil one must start, not with evil as a reality, as the mortal would do, but simply to recognize that the appearing is the very presence of God mis-seen, and this only in accordance with what Mrs. Eddy’s Founded as the Revelation of Science and Health.  The human mind so-called, can declare none of these 3 levels correctly, either when positively or negatively stated.

Evil – 1st level:

Negatively stated – Animal magnetism: the mortal man of belief in a mortal mind. This half a man mixture of mind in matter animated, alive, by electrical current.

Positively stated – which the negative statement is wholly drawn from and by reversal reading – understanding is emphatically declaring – Man of God, the immortal man of the immortal one only Mind, “you must understand you are God’s man and there is only one man.” (O.V. 914)

This is the answer and only answer to the now sexuality idiocy, with its beginning and ending, with all its sin, sickness, death, animal magnetism-hypnotism and all else as “The genus of error.” (See S&H 103, M.H., including lines 12-24.)

Evil - 2nd level:

Negatively stated – “Direction by malicious minds” (WHOSO – 406, 554), malicious mental malpractice.

This 2nd level is how evil to mortal man but seen from the C.C.T., operates, - what MBE & EAK called its “Modus operandi.”

The C.C.T. right reversed reading, “finding every word to be of heavenly origin, in spite of any distorted meaning…for instance, the words malicious, mental and malpractice…God thus becomes the one destroyer, the one divine Mal-practitioner to all evil, and His intent is deadly – to annihilate every vestige of evil and belief in evil, etc.”  In fact include here 402 to 412.

Positively stated – The Holy Ghost communing – declared already of the negation as fully demonstrated in the above WHOSO pages God imparting His Allness to His man, man exactly reflecting, showing forth, this Christ true idea of God in this ever communing, ever Science knowing.

Evil - 3rd level:

Negatively stated – Pure malice, now seen at this present stage of full rising to the light of spiritual understanding (S&H 508-9), operating as

“moral idiocy” (S&H 103), no longer behind the bluff façade of the Beast mortal bodies or the False Prophet mortal minds, - just now fully seen as pure malice, malicious mind itself, what it was of course all the way.

Positively statedSpiritual understanding – making this Mind one’s very own, where all Practice now lies, and where we get our final C.C.T. Rule, and so at the point of highest light, hence the most important to understand: Man is not God because man’s mind is not man.  On spiritual realization, how wondrous is Mrs. Eddy’s statement HWE uses in these final 7 yrs., - Healing takes place when thought is lost in the eminence of Mind.  And here re-ponder: O.V. 262 – with the rest on to 263 to INSANITY; then, - 982 to 984; and the whole of 985 to 995.

In our C.C.T. bond,

Paul W. Ambuul

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